What Does Music Mixing Involve?

 What Does Music Mixing Involve?

The process of music production that is up to the standards of radio, download, and CD quality takes place in three unique stages, namely tracking, mixing, and finally mastering. Every stage holds an equal importance but they are very different in terms of the equipment and skills required. At HowtoMixMusic.net, they specifically specialize in the process of mixing.

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For you to better understand the unique process of producing a record right from scratch, below is a brief explanation of all these three steps.


It is the stage wherein you will record the vocals and instruments. Every instrument could be recorded all together or one at a time in a live concert or in a studio. This phase is crucial as you try getting close to the feel and tones of your vocals and instruments, selecting the space and room which will provide particular equipment and ambience that you like to capture all of your sounds through.

Mixing – The Specialty of HowtoMixMusic.net

This is the phase which balances and combines all of the individual stereo and mono tracks that have been recorded for the song or music. Prior to the rise of digital recording, most of the time, there were restrictions as to the number of tracks made available for the recording because of tape’s capacity. However, in the modern digital era, it has become common for contemporary pop songs to have more than 100 tracks of various instruments, and vocals and sounds. However, it is the role of the mixing engineer to take the number of tracks present there and the blend every one of them to one coherent stereo file, followed by editing and adding effects wherever appropriate. 


By tradition, the mastering engineer was the one in charge of who will be cutting the master disc for printing the vinyl records. These professionals need to cut grooves with lathe in order to achieve the right balance of high frequencies and bass in the process in order for the record player’s needle to remain in the groove and have the ability of relaying back the signals to the music. Even though vinyl remains to be cut up to this day, this has become much rarer, not to mention extremely expensive. This is the reason why the mastering engineers now primarily deal with the compact and digital disc domain. But, their skills remain pretty much similar for their medium, with their job being finishing the mix’s stereo track.

Music mixing is not a simple walk in the park. This is because there are several stages involved in the entire music production with mixing being only one of these phases. And since you cannot just try to mix your music without prior knowledge, HowtoMixMusic.net is here to ensure that you will be getting the guidance and assistance you need to ensure that your mixed music will turn out exactly as how you want it to be. With HowtoMixMusic.net, you can look forward to having the best music mixes you could ever imagine.


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